Item FL162, GVI-1, Baltimore Monument - "A LITTLE MORE GRAPE CAPT BRAGG", Surrounded by Grapevines, aqua, Half Pint, sheared lip, Open Pontil, nicely whittled, has a tiny (1/8") open bubble near the bottom on the lettered side otherwise sparkling perfect condition, ex-Blaske collection lot 623, a rare flask in any color but extremely rare in aqua, circa 1848 to 1855, $575

The Blaske sticker is not attached to the flask but is included in a zip lock bag.

Note: The grape referred to is "grapeshot". On February 22, 1847, Santa Anna's and Zachary Taylor's armies fought at Buena Vista. Taylor was outnumbered 3 to 1. A dramatic charge by Col. Jefferson Davis, and a determined artillery advance by Capt Braxton Bragg saved the day for the Americans.