Item FL118, GVI-1, BALTIMORE MONUMENT - "A LITTLE MORE GRAPE CAPT BRAGG", GRAPEVINE AND GRAPES AROUND PERIMETER, shaded medium to deep copper puce or apricot puce, large deep tubular Open Pontil, Half Pint, sheared lip, good strong embossing, perfect condition, finest example of this rare flask. A beautiful color in the window, made at the Baltimore Glass Works, circa 1847-1848 Sold


Note: The grape referred to is "grapeshot". On February 22, 1847, Santa Anna's and Zachary Taylor's armies fought at Buena Vista. Taylor was outnumbered 3 to 1. A dramatic charge by Col. Jefferson Davis, and a determined artillery advance by Capt Braxton Bragg saved the day for the Americans.


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